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The Chaos Bulk, The Fractal Fat Loss Guide, and The Cheat Day Survival Guide are PDFs compatible with ADOBE and other like PDF readers. They come in a .zip file, which most operating systems can inherently unzip.

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Clean Bulking With Intermittent Fasting

I'm not going to lie and say you're going to go Hulkmania overnight, but you might just add those ten pounds of muscle over your body that you've been longing for. And then after those ten, another ten. And you can do it all without getting fat. I invite you to continue reading why intermittent fasting and chaos can be your savior (and how it was for me), and I thank you for being here.

You might recognize me. The name is Anthony Mychal. I've come to be known as the "skinny-fat guy." I've written about my struggles of coming from a genetically disadvantaged starting point for over a year on my blog. I've also contributed to some nifty fitness websites and magazines like, T-Nation, Elite FTS, STACK,, My Mad Methods, and The Greatist.

The pictures above showcase what can happen if you embrace chaos.These pictures are "real." No fancy lighting, make up, or photoshop. Just me with a cheap digital camera. And, of course, feeble posing attempts.

Regular bulking and cutting never worked for me. That's good news though. When you synthesize the three tenants of chaotic nutrition (you will learn these soon), you don't gain fat on your muscle building quests. So you never have to cut again. You simply go on a forever muscle building endeavor, and maintain a comfortable body fat level year round.



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