Off-Season Training Program


Speed Like McDavid, Agility Like Crosby, and a Shot Like Ovechkin

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Why You NEED To Incorporate Hockey-Specific Training Into Your Off-Season:

Following A Hockey-Specific Training Program Will Help You:

  • Increase Your Power and Explosiveness So That You Can Skate Faster and Blow By Opponents On The Ice
  • Improve Your Strength and Balance Allowing You To Be Stronger On The Puck And Win Puck Battles (Even Against Bigger Players)
  • Develop Better Conditioning Levels So That You Are Full Of Energy Every Shift And Skating Fast For The Entire Game
  • Improve Mobility and Flexibility To Become A More Fluid Skater So That You Can Be More Agile And Dangle Around Opponents
  • Increase Your Overall Confidence So That You Trust Your Abilities On The Ice, Score More Goals, And Lead Your Team To More Wins
  • Set Yourself Up For The Best Hockey Season Of Your Life By Improving Your Overall Athleticism This Summer So You Can Dominate Next Season!


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