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How To Dominate Your Men’s League Hockey Games

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Introducing Men's League Annihilation!

We thought this name was fitting, as our goal with this training program is to help you not only stand out and dominate in your men's league games, but absolutely annihilate the competition.

We want to make you the player scoring 2-3 goals every game, and helping your team win by 4-5 goals every game you play.

We want you to the be the game changer out on the ice that leads your team to a championship this season.

And we want you to be the player that other players girlfriends, wives, and fans are asking "Who's that number *insert your number here* out there?

Here’s What You’re Getting:

Men's League Annihilation is a full workout program for busier, older hockey players who want to become better hockey players, but don't have the time to get to the gym 4+ times per week.

This workout program will require just 3 one-hour workouts per week.

Within the program we lay out exactly what you need to do every time you go to the gym so that there is no guesswork.

This includes full printable workout sheets that tell you the exact exercise, sets, reps, and rest time to do, and an exercise video library so you know exactly how to do each exercise in the program.

Whether you are brand new to training at a gym or have years of experience, this program was designed for you.

Results on the ice will be noticed within just the first 1-2 months.

And you may even notice you are skating faster, feeling in better hockey condition, and overall just playing better within the first couple of weeks.

But with that said we didn't want to only offer a few months of training with this program.

Because we want to help you absolutely crush it every time you're on the ice, we wanted to create the absolute best hockey training program we could for you.

Instead of 2, 4, or 6 months of training, the Men's League Annihilation Program provides you with a full 12 months of workouts!

Yup, you will know exactly what you should be doing in the gym in order to become a better hockey player for the next year!

No longer are the days when you walk into the gym without a plan and make up a workout on the go, or the feeling of doing the same exercises every gym visit without seeing results.

This program was carefully designed using the scientific research based around hockey training and the years of experience Coach Dan has with thousands of hockey players to create a full 12-month periodized hockey training program for men's league players.

Each one-month phase builds on the previous phases, so that you are seeing improvements in your game every single month…

Just one-quarter of the way through the program you will see some massive results…

And by the end of the full Men's League Annihilation program, you will be a brand new hockey player that is lighting it up every time you step on the ice!


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